• Out of 220 million children who join school in our country, only 26 million reach university. Can we ever justify this huge GAP?

    Skill Development is one of the essential ingredients for India's future economic growth as the country transforms into a diversified and internationally competitive economy.

    Research has found that over three-fourth of the students graduating each year in India are not industry-ready and are found unemployable by topline organizations - Industry Experts

  • 11-13 million Indians will come onto the job market every year for the next 15 years and it has to be harnessed correctly for social stability.

    The value of vocational training opportunity is worth $ 20 billion annually in India.

    The magic ward that will effect maximal employment potential of the youth of India is an effective Skill Development Programme, a significant opportunity.

  • "A Foundation Educational & Charitable Trust"(AFECT) in this contest aims to work towards filling the huge G A P irrespective of category and community through its indigenous 7C's model through various scalable, sustainable, affordable, high-quality and technology-enabled learning practice.

    "A Foundation" dedicates itself to be the catalyst of change, both human and organizational, and will contribute, however small the measure may be, towards the process of transformation that will benefit the society as a whole.

  • Please be a part of "Cause 2 Connect - C2C" an A Foundation's ASR (Academic Social Responsibility) initiative in social media. "Cause 2 Connect -C2C" may try to change people's cognition, values, actions, or behaviors though "Art of giving" for social conscience in specific dealings with youngsters, based on individual sustainable development.