Different schools/ colleges/ institutes feedback

Sir, I am thanking you to teach me the basic important of soft skills and its importance in life.
I have never seen a person like you. I like your teaching style
Radhakant Patra
I just enjoyed the class and learned many things from you. Very practical teaching. I came to know many applications which will help me a lot. Thank you very much.
Priyambadha Pradhan
Thank you for influencing and giving suggestion for practicing speaking every day for good communication skill.
Prachurya Pattanyak Kanungo
Thanks a lot for your valuable time. I am really happy by getting your point of view towards life.
Archana Dash
Today I've learned many important things from you. It is my honour that I'm able to sit in your session.
Kanon Kumar
Sir, your personality is so impressive. Your presentation style also nice one. Thinking power also good.
Santosh Kumar Sethi
Sir,You are very good motivator. You influence us how to develop us.
Sasmita Mohanty
Your explanation style, examples and body language etc. are very good.
Sarita Jayanti Pratihari
You are just awesome. I think our state needs you for its improvement.I appreciate your thought to encourage the students like us .I will be very much happy if you transfer your such kind of knowledge to each part of our country.
Sarmila Rout, BJB College
You are very energetic and very good motivator. I personally feel that I can be able to at least good entrepreneur from now onwards.
Leeza Rani Panda
You are just amazing and your classes are not at all boring. Your attitude, facial expression, posture and gesture. In reality I have never seen such kind od charming personality with excellent teaching style.
Soumyashree Dikshit
Sir, you are really a dude and got to grab a whole of intellect things.
Archana Pradhan
You are excellent. Your style of speaking and approach towards the students is fantastic. Hope to meet you someday again.
Chinmay Garnaik
You are just outstanding, awesome and wonderful. All the best for ahead. We learn a lot from you.
Sanjukta Das
I like your energy level. I need your support for developing my soft skills. So suggest me.
Manoj sahu
It was a wonderful time for me I really enjoyed your presentation. I wished you might be our mentor every time.
Partha Sarathi Samal
Sir, I appreciate your good intention of providing others knowledge and morality. We will make India strong together. Thank you very much
Asish ranjan Mohapatra
You gave good examples which can help me in increasing my confidence level. You encouraged us how to improve our speaking power. However I enjoyed the class the most in my life.
Smruti tripathy.
I am quite benefitted from these three hours especially. The session of self -believeness and self-confident. Thank you from core of my heart
Priyadarshan Kasta
Today I came to know that what I am? So, thanks a lot what is encouragement I know from you.
I like this class and I want to be a student of you. God has given today a good person to meet because I was searching for this opportunity.
M Prasnna Patnaik
Today I'm happy to attend your seminar. Today I know what to do in my life and what are my really strengths.
Padmabati Tudu
I really appreciated your thoughts. Today I understand how much time I have lost and now I will overcome from today and I will do my best
Shanawaz Ahmed
Sir, you were really inspiring today. The presentation that you shown today has taken to reality of life. I will really do these things in my life through which I will be on the way of success.
Debashree Rani
Today I came to know my strengths and I got a path which can make me strong.
Praveen Kumar Singh
I feel very happy and self-confidence as I attend your lecture.
Sourav Chowdhury
I am so happy to attain this seminar. I am a big fan now of yours
Awida Perween
I feel too much appreciation, benefits and supportiveness from you today. You are a person who shows us the path to change our life.
Sweta Dutta
I'm very much impressed by you. I can get a vast knowledge from your speech. Thank you for coming here.
Soumya Rani Khamari
Thanks n many thanks to you sir, I ultimately found my solution and key of my lock
Dipitka Chakra
The speech was completely healing. Values that were underlying was again invoked by your talk. It was very motivating to attend the seminar.
Sukannya Mazumdar
Many thanks for solutions of the problem. Today I came to know how to achieve my goal.
Manorama Kumari
It has been a very inspiring and looking into myself through the words of yours. You really showed what is inside our self. Thanks a lot sir.
Neha Singh
You gave me a new way towards the success. I must try to follow your lines.
Gyana Ranjan Das
Thank you Sir for giving your valuable time to us and for showing us the right way
Swapna Banerjee
I will never forget these three hours which you have sent with us. I will remember forever.
Amit Kumar Behera
Just excellent and fantastic speech I have ever attended learned so many things that I cannot even think.
Sibasankar sahoo
I have learnt how to deal with my emotion break downs. You are not only a teacher, you have touched my heart. I had never known a person like you who could motivate and inspire me so much. You are the best teacher I've ever met.
Prapti Biswal
It has been a great time that I have sent here. Its really amazing. We got to learn many things about Soft Skills which is very important in our life.
You are amazing and your language is heart touching.
Sujit Ku.Sarangi
Sir you are good motivator. I like your confidence and communication skills. I try to take your best examples in building my career.
Smrutirekha Shrichandan
I'm really benefitted Sir, your words are inspiring. I am really thankful to you for giving us your valuable time. I am gonna sure to utilize in my way.
Madusmita Tarai
In three hours I learnt lots of things which are more important in my life.
Chandan Shekhar Pal
At first I discard myself that I have no good quality within myself. But after this session I think God have sent him to give me suggestion and I'm grateful to you Sir.
Priyadarshini Nayak
I got maximum amount of profit from your nice lecture and this is very much helpful for me.If you have time for us please visit our institute again.
Nepal Koiri
I am very happy today because this seminar is very much truthful for us.
Kumudini Samantaray
Sir, you are the first person who change my mentality. I'm grateful to you forever.
Abinash Kumar Sahu
It is wonderful day for my life. It is very nice to teach to the youths of Orissa.
Sabyasachhi Dash
Today after your deliberation I really know my mistakes which I have done in my past.
Bijayalaxmi Mahapatra
Thank you for giving us lots of morale, good thoughts which is actually needed by us to become a better man/woman in our life and to get success.
Shehalata Parida
Your words are very inspiring felt very happy and inspired by listening. If I had not attended this seminar. I would have lost many things.
Pragyan Mansingh
You are like sunburn itself and very humble, give light to others. Have great experience in small brain and good fluency to overtake any audience.
Jitesh Goyel
Sir. You were mind blowing usually seminars are boring but I swear its first mind blowing, entertaining and knowledge of grabbing session.
Alma Toppo
After your seminar I have gained lot of knowledge. You are the best
Subhalaxmi Ray
This session of yours' given me a lot of confidence as I am a person having stage phobia. Your session have helped me a lot
Kamaljit Kaur
You are a fabulous guy. You have given five hours from your busy life to increase my strength.
Nirupama Dhar
Excellent soft skill teacher. I am comfortable in your class.
Ranjit Kumar Dehury
I found very positive learning quality from you. Inspiration quality is highly appreciable.
Jayant Dash
Prof.Khan have a strong personality. He can handle any kind of situation. He carry out the activities which is very fruitful.
Deepika Mohanty
Your session is very impressive and encouraging .It really motivated me.
Esita Naha
Sir, in every seminar I got exhausted and tired of listening what the speaker says. But, now it's the most memorable moment for me I have spent with you in a very energetic way.
Madhuri Ekka.
Try to give or spread your knowledge till your last breath.
Pramila Sahu.
Prof. Khan is very effective and has a very good leadership quality. His communication skill is very good. He has a very strong personality.
Nibedita Rout
You are excellent and having so much patient. Want to appreciate 3Min i.e. Prescription for communication process. I feel very grateful to interact with you.
Pranati Kumari Padhy
It is our pleasure to be associated with you sir and feels fortunate that we are able to meet you and learn something from you.
Chandan Shekhar Nanda