About A Foundation

A Foundation is a very good organization. It has taught me to develop my personal skills. I and my friends had a good time here. We saw many slides. We got an opportunity to share our thoughts with our teacher Prof. Khan. We got opportunity how to speak before audience. In my opinion this type of classes should continue for all times to come.
Tritoy mohanty,
DAV School.
My experience at A Foundation is marvelous, interesting and funny. Our teacher Prof.Khan has taught us how to create pressure in your mind and how to speak well and interact with others. The friendly atmosphere here in this place has certainly helped me to improve myself in my life.
Thank you for giving your precious time on Sundays. Keep teaching in your life and doing the benefits to students like us.
Ayusman Acarya,
DAV School.
A foundation which makes students a smart, confident and not be afraid of anything while talking with other people.
Satya Prakash Behera,
DAV School
A Foundation has given us the wonderful opportunity. I have learned so many things from here and it will be helpful for my career development.
Suchhanda Tripathy,
Ravenshaw University
Teaching methodology is edutainment. The atmosphere of A Foundation is very cozy. I've learned a lot after joining this A Foundation, which is really going to help in the coming future. I really admire you sir, for giving us wonderful opportunity to learn something new which is beyond books equally important in our life.
Rahul Sipani, IPSAR.
Sir, you understand our weaknesses and you try to recover it I think you have recovered all my weaknesses. Thank you so much sir for giving your valuable time on Sunday to us.
Ankita Pattnaik,
Ravenshaw University.
A Foundation has created many positive attitudes in me and has developed many positive factors for the career objective. Many youngsters will be benefitted from this A Foundation. No other organization is providing such facilities to students irrespective of social status in Odisha.
Banani Prusty, DDCE,
I think A foundation class will take me to a higher level. I should request all the students that they should come to this A Foundation.it is very interesting class n interaction and we will learn many things on Sunday.
Satya Prakash Behera. DAV School
I feel happy that my parents sent me to A Foundation. I would like to continue this. It is not only improve our soft skills but also inculcate moral values. This is going to help me a lot in my future and being a good human being. I have learnt many things which will help me to cross the hurdles of life.
Lonasha Priyadarshani,
DAV Public School
It is the best institution for the development of soft skills. Keep up the excellence and ideals. I have benefitted a lot concerning to my personality and mostly my attitude. I have learned moral and ethics.
Prapti Biswal,
S B Women's College
It is a must to develop one's soft skills along with the studies, So it should be made compulsory class in every school and college. I find enormous changes within me before I was not confident in any work I did but now I feel I've changes myself all because of soft skill development classes.
Benazir Abid, Cambridge School
A Foundation helps to know where exactly you are and where you want to reach. It's just awesome. Duration has to be extended as one doesn't wants to get out of this.
Sagoofa Sajeed,Chirst College
It is good teaching experience. Keep spreading this A Foundation in every part of Odisha.
Parbati Nandan sahoo,
I've learned how to excel from Prof.Khan of A Foundation and how to overcome weaknesses and how to work on own strength. I've learned how to move on in all situations of life. Got lots of knowledge about soft skills. Learning process is effective, motivate and it is important for our future.
Neha Singh,
MITS school of Biotechnology.
A Foundation is the best place to identify our inner potentials, exploring and creative good-oriented attitudes towards life. Before coming to A Foundation I couldn't identify my goals after after meeting with Prof.Khan Sir, I have realized my goals and respective path.
Deepika Das,
Mothers Public School,
I'm very much thankful to A A Khan Sir through this A Foundation I've gained lots of things from here. I will be remembering sir for making my weaknesses into my strength. Thanks a lot sir.
Pritam Dutta, Jamshedpur
Soft skill development is necessary for our personal and professional life. A Foundation should continue forever. First day I was not having goal in my life but now I have and I'm going to achieve it. Thank you so much sir for making me so confident and showing me path for my future.
Pallabi Bansal,RCM ,
I think this A Foundation is very good for my future and also for my whole life. This is the best grooming center in Odisha. This organization gives confidence to do something in our future.
Vikash Kumar,
MITS, Bhubaneswar
Soft Skill Development helped us to grind our brain and put into what to be done and what not. Really it's helpful.
Khusnuma Parween,
Ravenshaw University.
This SSD programme is good for all students and it is very important. They can learn so many things beyond books and utilize this things in everywhere in their life. A Foundation has given lot many things to us.
Rajeswari Singh,
U N College of Science& Technology.
SSD class is must for everyone and teaching method of Prof. Khan is excellent.
Soft Skill is very necessary for all. It has helped me to groom myself and enhanced my potential.
Md.Raza, RCM, Bhubaneswar
Teaching at A Foundation is excellent and awesome it has helped me to increase my confidence level.
Abdul Khalique,
New Stewart School
I'm very lucky to join this A Foundation.Teaching method is excellent.
Pradip Behera,
MAKAM College
Prof. Khan teaching process is excellent than others. I'm immensely benefitted.
Laxmi Priya Behera,
Kendrapara Autunomous College
I have never attended such classes I feel very lucky. Excellent Trainer and very friendly.
Wasim Khan, IGNOU
I'm very much thankful to A Foundation. My confidence level and communication has increased due to Khan sir.
NSM City College, Cuttack.
I'm very much happy to get this kind of atmosphere .I'm very much thankful to Abid Ali Khan Sir.
Shamima, E D Women's College
A Foundation is very excellent. Here classes is very nice and Prof. Khan is a cooperative person
Jharana, JKBK College.
A Foundation is excellent and I'm very much thankful It has given wonderful opportunity to me.
R Parween, Emarti Devi Women's College,Cuttack.
It was very helpful and enlighting. I've learned a lot. Classes were very energetic, inspiring, influential, and friendly.
Nazia Hussainy, Principal.St. Xavier High school.
It was very excellent and helpful programme for Soft Skill Development.
Jyoti Karnani,
You have such a nice culture to train us and giving us such nice opportunity to promote ourself.
Ansumalini Jena,
BJB College,Bhubaneswar
Before I came to A Foundation,I don't know what is called soft skill,personality and attitude.How to face an interview.But today I think I'm able to learn lots of things above all many more. I proved my elder brother wrong that is saying that these types of organization are only money oriented but here whole things are different,completely different.The atmosphere,the surrounding and all things are awesome including snacks.

Thank you Sir for showing me the path of success.
Choudhury Ashutosh Swain,
BJB College
Please expand "A Foundation" to each and every part. So that all students will be privileged as us.
Swetalina Mohanty,
R D Women's College
It was a very effective for our present life and would play a vital role for future. A Foundation should open it branches everywhere for reaching the people who are unaware. You are a role model to this kind of thought.
Ankita Chottray, FBS,Bhubaneswar.