7C's Free Online Academy

"Cause 2 Connect -C2C" pitching 7C's towards the innovative tools which will not provide the concept of basic tomorrow but also highlight the much needed tools which are highly essential for unprivileged Gen-Y (18-28 yrs. old) .With these 7C's our target is to reach those unprivileged ones who are not aware of these excellences. Our effort is to make them realize what they are not deprived of. Our cause is to connect them through a campaign named "Cause2Connect-C2C". Millions of youths will be highly benefitted through "7C's Free Online Academy". Cause 2 Connect-C2C" campaign is not to promote something like product, its prime cause is to make aware to those unprivileged who are deprived of their basic 7C's (Career,Communication,Counselling,Confidence,Competition,Charisma & Creativity) needs.

1. Career It represents the entire sequence of activities and events related to individual careers.C2C will strategize various individual strategies for career development which include clarifying one's values, determining one's educational aptitude and interests. C2C will provide services which will offer substantial information about educational opportunities and outlooks, vocational aptitude and value clarification to students opting for different higher studies either Engineering, Management, Social science or any other vocational courses.

2. Communication is universal, and it transcends the notions of language, location, and lifestyle. People transmit and exchange their ideas, facts, feelings, or courses of action for personal or professional purposes. Cause 2 Connect is to provide the student with adequate exposure to the various forms and practices of communication, primarily focusing on the communication needs of students. C2C would also serve as a comprehensive guide for other students who want to enhance their communication skills, particularly in English. C2C is to cater to the communication needs of students, this is unique in as much as it discusses communication concepts and practices.

3. Counselling is the service offered to the individual who is experiencing problems and needs professional help to overcome them. The problems keep him disturbed, high strung and tense and unless the problems are solved, his development is hampered or stunted. C2C provides services which are required for individuals having developmental problems because of the handicap they suffer in the area of emotional experience hereditary factors, or environment conditions.

C2C provides techniques which involve active listening, emphatic understanding, realizing the pent-up feelings, confronting the client, and therefore it is offered to only those individuals who have serious problems and need professional help to overcome them. Initiatives of C2C are targeted

1. To help in the total development of the student.

2. To help in the proper choices of courses.

3. To help the students in vocational development.

4. Confidence is an attitude which allows individuals to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. Confident people trust their own abilities, have a general sense of control in their lives, and believe that, within reasonable limits,, they will be able to do what they wish and expect.

C2C provides clarity to the meaning of the concept "confidence", while giving a more comprehensive understanding of its attributes, antecedents, and consequences. It will provide the individual development of confidence among confident-lacking students and implement the role of educators in the development of confident practice. Educators can assist students in the development of confidence and competency.

5. Competition is most commonly associated with the education, sports or athletic events in which individuals or teams of individuals compete for some reward or accolade. C2C has constructed competition as a personal attribute that students bring to the classroom setting. C2C will examine classroom goal structures and individual goal orientations to understand what competitive orientations bring resultant motivation and academic outcomes. C2C will also examine development of the process in which competitive strivings unfold over time and how they vary according to gender, culture, and age with specific reference to different competitive examinations based on written test and GD-PI.

6. Charisma is not for movie stars. It is a behavioral quality that anyone can develop. Think of charisma as force of character, or personal presence, or gravitas. People with higher level of charisma tend to be noticed, listened to, respected and followed. C2C helps in experiencing effective emotional communications-with all that this term implies and is the key to developing charisma. Several implications and underlying principles contribute to:

1 .Effective personality

2. Emotional intelligence: passionate, emphatic two-way (the charismatic person feels and reflects the feelings of others).

3. Communications (beyond words alone-body language and expressive style are crucial).

7. Creativity is a learned behavior and it highlights the fact that every individual have enormous potential or positive thinking. But here arises a question: How can an individual leverage his creativity to be successful??... Here C2C tries to approach things from a new direction instead of being content with the way things currently are. It supports processes that have always been in place, examines what is currently going wrong so as to undertake some action to make it better.C2C initiative is to do something new and to think creatively. C2C highlights the importance of creativity, imagination, positive thinking, and courage.

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