Participant's feedback:

Thousands and thousands of students and corporate executives/managers attended Prof.Khan's motivational speech, meetings, Professional Development Workshop (PDW), seminar, corporate training at different places and also at "A Foundation" in the below mentioned workshop / training ranging between 2hrs-8 hrs. Even up to five days at different schools, colleges / institutes and corporates during last ten years both in abroad and India.

  • Soft Skill / Life Skill awareness Programme
  • Self Impression Management (SIM)
  • Spark (Ignite your life)
  • Seeds of Success (SoS)
  • Beyond Books
  • Learning Management through Games.
  • Customer Interface (CIF)
  • Motivational Programme
  • College 2 Campus
  • Behavioral Training
  • Organizational Culture (OC)
  • Career Counselling
  • Time Management.
  • Transformation
  • Personality Development.
  • Prescription for Communication.
  • Leadership Skills
  • Goal setting
  • Importance of Verbal & Nonverbal Communication
  • First Impression
  • Personal Effectiveness & Effective Communication Skills
  • Tips of Employability Skill
  • Fit n Fine
  • Body Language
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Empowering Process Training
  • Behavioral Skill makes miracle
  • The Role of R&D for Managerial Empowerment
  • Confidence Building
  • Public Speaking
  • Attitude n Altitude
  • Group Discussion
  • Corporate Etiquettes
  • Team Building Skills
  • Interview (Stress & Roadies) and many more....
Here are few feedback from thousands of participants at different seminars, edutainment, professional development workshop, motivational seminar, beyond books of Prof. A A Khan. all these are a ready reckoner for fulfilling towards our "Cause 2 Connect-C2C" mission through a holistic approach.
Seeds of Success workshop was very inspirational and good for students like us.
Prajna Paramita Kar
OUAT, Bhubaneswar
Me and mine team are amazed with the SIM presentation for 8 hrs. We will be grateful to Prof.Khan throughout the life. Tons thanks for your session.
Subhrajit Swain
CEO, Seohunk International
This programme is very great and mindblowing.I'm very much impressed. I want to attend such programmes in future. I can feel good and try to improve my goal and communication.
Snehalata Sahoo
Regional College of Management
It is very good programme. I've learned something new. Seven tips of "Seeds of success" are more valuable in our life.
Swetapadma Sudyasnata,OUAT.
Thanks to Prof.Khan, he really shows us the path which is one to choose. His words should be conveyed to all Odisha. Not only Odisha, if possible then all over India. His programme SOS is really a good thought.
Asit Kumar Pradhan
BJB College,Bhubaneswar
I am very glad to say you that it's my first attendance in this type of Management Development Programme. So,I am really very much excited will try my level best for to extract few components from this programme and implement into my professional career.
Dipak Kumar Tripathy
Aristo Pharmaceutical
If possible I will attend such programme at once in a month.
Priyabrat Beura
KIIT University
Prof.Khan have excellent way of interpreting the data to students. I think this type of workshop would last for 2-3 days. Because one day i.e. 8 hrs. is too short.
Anita Nayak
ODM public School,Bhubaneswar
Highly needed for Gen-Y. Doing an awesome job. Kudos... A humble salute sir!
Swati Saloni Patro
ODM Public School.
Today I came to know the biggest difference between " Teachers & Guru"
Raghunath Sahoo
Naatson Healthcare
The workshop was very interesting. The style of presentation was rocking. Please do such seminar in our department.
Sambit Amitansu Patra
MFC,Utkal University
This type of programme should be made in every institute whether it is small or big institute.
Amit Kumar Bhatta
ICAI, Bhubneswar
I request you to conduct such programme not only in Odisha but also in other part of India
Manoranjan Das
MITS School of Biotechnology
An excellent initiative taken by Prof. Khan with proper work.
Srikant Panigrahi
Utkal University
I have learned so many things.I was not expecting this type of knowledge but it was is my pleasure that I have attended and participated this type of workshop.I would love to join this workshop again and again.
Nikita Agarwal,
Utkal University
I am highly obliged as well as grateful to get this wonderful opportunity of participating here.I feel Prof.Khan is having the potential to turn over the table capability.Thank you for conducting this and it really did make a difference in my mind
Karishma Bagaria,
Way of motivating and transmission of the objective was excellent.Seminar was highly interesting unlike ordinary seminar and workshop.
Wasim Ul Bari,
I would like to listen you more and more through out my life or where I get a chance.
Arbind Singh, Printonex,
Excellent Job Sir.Highly effective and I loved it.
Deepak Kumar Panigrahi.
Job aspirant
Durga Prasad Sahoo,
Scrimp Capital Pvt.Ltd
This was very good programme ever I have attended. Other programme is usually boring
Dibya Kanta Prusty,
Kotak Mutual Fund
I liked this programme so much and I really enjoy the time from 10am to 5pm.No single moment I feel bored. Really this is a good programme. Please spread this programme all over the world.
Alaka Sahoo.
Ravenshaw University
Need more seminar and workshop in different plces. So,that students will be aware of this kind of valuable seminar.I need to give unlimited thanks to Prof.Khan to provide such excellent seminar.
Dinesh Kumar Sahoo,
BIITM, Bhubaneswar
It is a very good programme for all students and for their career.Keep it up for more and more students.
S S S Samal, City College
This was wonderful Programme.for the first time I didn't feel boring by sitting 10am to 5pm.
Sheeparna Padhi, Ravenshaw
I like the programme very much.It must be conducted in every city.It really help me to gain too much experiences about success.I'm really happy for attending this "Seeds of Success" programme and really want to thank you from bottom of my heart. Thank You sir...
Rashmita Banerjee,Ravenshaw
Maintain this passion for " Cause 2 Connect -C2C". You did an excellent job.I just want to be a part of your passion. I want to be a motivator and presenter like you.
Jyotshna Manjari Sahoo,
It was the best experience. The method you apply is very inspiring.
Abdul Khalique,Christ College
I'm very happy because I 've attended this programme seeds of success. I learned many things.
Lohita Prasad Kanhar,
BOSE Engineering
Good programme,good environment.Contents are good.Amazing and magical aroma to learn more.
Arpita Nanda,Faculty,MITS.
We are always with you with your noble thoughts for helping unprivileged youths of Odisha.
Jamal Akthar, Usha International
We need this type of workshop again and again
Sidhanta Nanda,
Seeds of Success is very powerful and it is necessary for all students
Chinmayee Nayak,
Stewart College
It should be conducted in other parts of Odisha
B P Kar
I really enjoyed the session
Beyond expectation
Kaustav Barman,Rai Business School
The workshop was superb. I liked the demos. Sir, you are the excellent motivator
Abdul Karim, Christ College
The SIM workshop is excellent, powerful, and superb. Till now I have never seen or attained this type of programme. It is the best moment of my life will get amazing changes in my life. I'll never forget what I got today.
Rajan Singh
It is very beneficial Sunday for my life which gives me tremendous practical experience and knowledge to boost my motivation level and increase my energy level and it helps in come out from any problem.
Nishar Manuar, Patna
This is a good attempt by BIITM, especially by you Sir. That gives me more knowledge, satisfaction. We came to know more about personality skills.
Somalisa Das, Cuttack
It is a good platform for soft-skill development. It enhances one's ability to focus towards the objective with great enthusiasm power.
Rakesh Kumar
Probably, this is the best workshop I've ever attended in my life.
Amit Tiwary, Bihar
This is a different kind of workshop. I've learned many more things from this workshop. This adds values to my educational n professional career.
Anjeeb Ku.Pradhan,
I have never attended such type of class in my life. This class is extraordinary good. This type of class is necessary for all the management students.
Hushikesk Swain
This session taught us how to increase confidence level through the unconventional approach.
Ansuman Pattjoshi
Best Workshop ever seen. Thank you Sir, for spending your valuable time with us. Your thoughts will always remain as a valuable assets throughout the life.
Sangita Chatterjee.