Volunteer Programmes : Working Professionals

Volunteering in India is a great way to spend time learning about a new culture, language and people, particularly with Gen-Y (18-28 yrs. old) through 7C's approach. It can show you a world with wonderful experience that you may not have imagined before. By spending time in weekends at "A Foundation" with unprivileged youths, and giving your time you are creating a sense of responsibility, empowering indigenous communities, and a social change. The sheer feeling of joy that you get by lending a helping hand to unprivileged youths can be quite overwhelming.

Your volunteering will inspire individuals, change mindsets, empower youths and other people and touch lives. Your time at "A Foundation" will be worthwhile and appreciated and can be enjoyed by anyone whether by themselves or with a group.

Come and be a part of volunteerism! You can make difference.

"A Foundation" receives offers from many people who are interested in getting involved in the issues we care about. The organizations have the greatest need for volunteers to achieve their goals and unique missions. Those who want to go through unique experience and are willing to share her/his knowledge and experience can plan a volunteer check list with us.

  • English Teaching
  • Domain expertise
  • Industry Analysis
  • Entry level Job function
  • Corporate culture
  • Impression Management
  • Corporate Etiquettes
  • Summer Internship
  • Guest of honor at PDW (Professional Development workshop)
  • Training Park Advantage
  • Individual expertise for the development of youth.
"A Foundation" provides this opportunity to working professional. Cause2Connect -C2C offer above stated volunteer works for professionals in India at nearest Foundation.

It has never been easier to volunteer, and it seems to be more popular than ever as people and professional of all ages and abilities look for ways to improve their communities. Just use this guide to finding volunteer opportunities. We are sure you're bound to come up with some great ideas and help us for extending your support and expertise with Cause2Connect-C2C.

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