To be a part and not "apart"

Every member of the "A Foundation" family heartily welcomes the support rendered by its well-wishers residing in different parts of India and the world. Community support and participation is a powerful tool to create harmony between differentiated sections of society. At "A Foundation", the prime focus is laid on encouraging participation of the persons with 7C's problems and the society at large.

With your support, we can do much more. We would like you to JOIN our "Cause 2 Connect-C2C" movement. Wherever you may be based, you can still,

Give ideas for creative interventions and network us with interested organizations or individuals.

Help us with online volunteering in terms of documentation, research & feedback.

Mobilize people in your community to replicate the model of "A Foundation" or any aspect of "A Foundation" like the "Cause 2 Connect -C2C" Campaign in their respective territory.

Mobilize people you know to be involved with and to give their time for a noble cause.

Join "Cause 2 Connect -C2C" Community on Facebook, Linked-in & Twitter, Blog, Webinar discussion & mobilize to join for a great movement and also to give feedback and suggestions.

If based in Odisha, India you can associate "A Foundation" as a volunteer to find likeminded people to help you bring about the change you want in the world. You could support "A Foundation" in your own little way.